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Hybrid Water Cooler  120 - 1140 kW
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Meet the Most Economical Cooler…

The Ecotech Free Cooling Units utilize the low temperature of the external air to cool the liquid to be sent to the user's facility and are often used where cooling power is required at low temperatures. Free chillers are chillers that work with additional groups for the heat exchange of water / air type (or preferably antifreeze mixture) that can recover the cooling power provided by the external air. Hybrid cooling reduces the electricity consumption resulting from the cooling needs of the facility in order to save energy. In the system, cooling water is obtained by taking advantage of low air temperatures with the help of compressor group and cooling water battery which operate rotationally.

Su soğutma
Water Cooling Units

Intelligent units to increase process
efficiency through heat control in industrial facilities.

Sıcaklık kontrol
Temperature Control Units

Units that perform precise temperature control between 90 ° C - 300 ° C in plastic injection, metal injection, extrusion and rubber processes.


Units designed for heating and cooling of buildings (Factory, Hospital, School, Shopping Mall….).